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Install SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP42015/11/25

[1] Insert installation media in CD/DVD drive and restart your computer. Follwoing screen is shown and Click "Installation" to do it.
[2] Select your language and keyboard layouts. And also check a box "I Agree to the Lisence Terms" to proceed next.
[3] This is the section for checking installation media. It's OK to skip it.
[4] Select installation type. If new, select "New Installation".
[5] Select your time-zone.
[6] Select how you configure the base system. This example selects "Physical machine".
[7] This is the overview of Installation settings. Make sure them and proceed next or change them again if need.
[8] Click "I Agree" to proceed next.
[9] Click "Install" to proceed next.
[10] Installation starts.
[11] After finishing installation, Click "OK" to restart Computer.
[12] After restarting computer, it needs to configure initial settings like follows.
First, set root password, Do not set simple password.
[13] Set Hostname and Domain name.
[14] Configure networking, Set it for your environment.
[15] Click "Next" to proceed.
[16] Network connection Test is performed.
[17] This is System registration section to SUSE network. It's possible to skip this section to select "Configure Later" because you can register later in anytime.
[18] Configure networking, Set it for your environment.
[19] Configure authentication method. Select it.
[20] Add common user account.
[21] SLES 11 SP4 release note is displayed, Click "Next" to proceed.
[22] Click "OK" to proceed next.
[23] Click "Next" to proceed next.
[24] Installation finished. Click "Finish" to restart computer.
[25] After restarting System, login prompt is displayed like follows, input username you just added.
[26] Input password of the user above to authenticate.
[27] Just logined. The installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP4 completeed.
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