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SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 : Install2019/01/11

[1] Insert an installation media of SLES in CD/DVD drive and restart your computer. After follwoing screen is shown, Select [Installation] to proceed next.
[2] Select your language and keyboard layouts. And also select a product which you'd like to install. On this example, select [SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15].
[3] Read and Agree the terms of use for SLE and check a box [I Agree to the Lisence Terms] to proceed next.
[4] Register your system on here. Input registration code which you got when you bought SLE. But it's possible to register after installation, you can skip this step now to select [Skip Registration].
[5] Select extension module if you'd like to. It's possible to add this modules after installation, too.
[6] If you'd like to install other add-on products, specify the URL of repositories on here.
[7] Select a role of your System.
[8] This is the partition settings section. if you'd like to set it manually, select [Guided Setup] or [Expert Partitioner]. This example keeps default.
[9] This the the Time-zone setting section. Select your time-zone on the map.
[10] This is the User accounts setting section. Input a user account you'd like to add.
[11] Set root password. Do not set simple password.
[12] Confirm selection of settings. If no problem, Click [Install] button.
[13] This is the warning that your hard drive will be changed with this installation. If no problem, Click [Install] button again to begin installation process.
[14] Installation proceeds. After finishing it, computer restarts automatically.
[15] After rebooting, login prompt is shown like follows. Login with root user or a common user set during installation. Installing SLES 15 completes if you can login normally.
Welcome to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15  (x86_64) - Kernel 4.12.14-25.25-default (ttyS0).

eth0: fe80::5054:ff:fe66:8e17

linux-h4wr login:

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