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Add-on Repository2015/11/21

If you'd like to install SUSE Add-on products, Add repositories for them like follows.
For example on here, Add "Web and Scripting Module" repository.
[1] Open YaST Control Center.
dlp:~ #
[2] Select [Software] - [Add-On Products] and Enter.
[3] Select [Add] button which is under-left and Enter.
[4] select [Extensions and Modules ***] and proceed to next.
[5] Select [Web and Scripting Module] and proceed to next.
[6] Check a box [I Agree to the License Terms] and proceed to next.
[7] Select [Accept] which is under-right and Enter.
[8] Select [OK] and Enter.
[9] Push [Finish] to complete. now It's possible to install packages in this repo like PHP and pthers with yast or zypper commands.
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