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Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ( released on Nov 9 2010, supported untill Nov 2020 ).
Before installation, you need to get Installation DVD or ISO image from RedHat.
[1] Set Installation DVD and start Computer, then RHEL 6 Installaer starts. Push Enter key to proceed to next step.
[2] This is the section to check the installation DVD, Select to check or skip to proceed next.
[3] Click [Next] button to proceed.
[4] Select the language you'd like to use during the installation.
[5] Select the keyboard type you using.
[6] Select the type of storage. If you install RHEL 6 to local HD, select [Basic Storage Devices]. If you install to HD that is connected in storage area networks or mainframe, select the bottom.
[7] Click Yes to proceed if it's no ploblem to remove any data on the HD you try to install.
[8] Set a Hostname of your computer.
[9] Select your timezone.
[10] Set root account's password.
[11] Select an installation type as follows. On this example, select [Use All Space] and check a box [Review and modify partitioning layout] to configure partitions manually.
[12] This is the section for changing partition layouts. The default layout is set with LVM and separated as /boot, /, /home, swap. Configure more if you need.
[13] Click the [Format] button if that's OK all.
[14] Click [Write Changes to Disk] if that's OK all.
[15] This is the section to configure Bootloader. Change setting if you need. If you do not have specific requirements, proceed to next with default setting.
[16] Select softwares to install. On this example, select [Basic Server].
[17] Installation starts. Wait for a few minutes.
[18] After finishing Installation, Click [Reboot] button.
After finishing Installation and restarting computer, then login prompt is shown like follows.
Login with root user account or the common user account you added during Installation.
If possbile logined normally, your REHL 6 Installation has just completed.
After initial login, To assgin valid subscription to your System, then you can connect to Redhat network. To connect to RedHat network, you can update your System or install additional applications.
For Configuration of RHEL 6, it is mostly the same with CentOS 6 that is compatible with RHEL 6, so refer to the CentOS 6 Configration examples here.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.10 (Santiago)
Kernel 2.6.32-754.el6.x86_64 on an x86_64

dlp login: 

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