FreeBSD 14
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OpenSSH : Use Parallel SSH2023/12/19

Install Parallel SSH to connect to multiple hosts.
[1] Install PSSH.
root@dlp:~ #
pkg install -y pssh
[2] This is the basic usage for PSSH.
This is the case for key-pair authentication without passphrase.
If passphrase is set in key-pair, start SSH-Agent first to automate inputting passphrase.
# connect to hosts and execute [hostname] command

freebsd@dlp:~ $
pssh -H "" -i "hostname"

[1] 13:45:41 [SUCCESS]
[2] 13:45:41 [SUCCESS]
# it's possible to read host list from a file

freebsd@dlp:~ $
vi pssh_hosts.txt
# write hosts per line like follows

freebsd@dlp:~ $
pssh -h pssh_hosts.txt -i "uptime"

[1] 13:47:18 [SUCCESS] freebsd@
 1:47PM  up  4:44, 1 user, load averages: 0.25, 0.23, 0.21
[2] 13:47:18 [SUCCESS] freebsd@
 1:47PM  up 10 mins, 1 user, load averages: 0.23, 0.21, 0.15
[3] It's possible to connect with password authentication too, but it needs passwords on all hosts are the same one.
freebsd@dlp:~ $
pssh -h pssh_hosts.txt -A -O PreferredAuthentications=password,keyboard-interactive -i "uname -r"

Warning: do not enter your password if anyone else has superuser
privileges or access to your account.
# input password

[1] 13:59:37 [SUCCESS] freebsd@
[2] 13:59:37 [SUCCESS] freebsd@
By the way, PSSH package includes [parallel-scp], [parallel-rsync], [parallel-slurp], [parallel-nuke] commands and you can use them with the same usage of pssh.
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