FreeBSD 14
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OpenSSH : Password Authentication2023/12/19

Configure SSH Server to manage a server from the remote computer. SSH uses 22/TCP.
[1] The OpenSSH server allows login using password authentication by default, so if the service is enabled, you can log in remotely.
# check the status of sshd

root@dlp:~ #
grep sshd /etc/rc.conf

root@dlp:~ #
service sshd status

sshd is running as pid 757.
# if sshd_enable="NO" is set, change it to YES and start the service

root@dlp:~ #
service sshd start

SSH Client : FreeBSD
How to connect to SSH server from FreeBSD client computer.
[2] Connect to the SSH server with a common user.
# ssh [username@hostname or IP address]

freebsd@node01:~ $

The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
ED25519 key fingerprint is SHA256:oN4KhZb5gSoBCvWBNw3IoayLZMY+jDHNVyun4sF6tOo.
This key is not known by any other names.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no/[fingerprint])? yes
Warning: Permanently added '' (ED25519) to the list of known hosts.
( Password for
FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE (GENERIC) #0 releng/14.0-n265380-f9716eee8ab4: Fri Nov 10 05:57:23 UTC 2023

Welcome to FreeBSD!
freebsd@dlp:~ $    
# logined

[3] It's possible to execute commands on remote Host by specifying commands as an argument of the ssh command.
# for example, open [/etc/passwd] on remote host

freebsd@node01:~ $
ssh "cat /etc/passwd"

( Password for
root:*:0:0:Charlie &:/root:/bin/sh
toor:*:0:0:Bourne-again Superuser:/root:
daemon:*:1:1:Owner of many system processes:/root:/usr/sbin/nologin
operator:*:2:5:System &:/:/usr/sbin/nologin
bin:*:3:7:Binaries Commands and Source:/:/usr/sbin/nologin
tty:*:4:65533:Tty Sandbox:/:/usr/sbin/nologin
kmem:*:5:65533:KMem Sandbox:/:/usr/sbin/nologin
SSH Client : Windows#1
Configure SSH Client for Windows.
Get a SSH Client for Windows. This example shows to use Putty like follows.
Input the IP address of your server and Click the [Open] button.
[5] After successfully authenticated to SSH server, it's possible to login remotely via SSH.
SSH Client : Windows #2
[6] OpenSSH Client has been implemented as an Windows feature, so it's possible to use ssh command on PowerShell or Command Prompt without Putty and other SSH software.
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