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Samba : Limited Shared Folder2024/02/15

Install Samba to Configure File Server.
For example, Create a shared Folder that users in [smbgroup01] group can only access to shared folder [/home/share01] and also they are required user authentication.
[1] Install and Configure Samba.
root@smb:~ #
pkg install -y samba416
root@smb:~ #
pw groupadd smbgroup01

root@smb:~ #
mkdir /home/share01

root@smb:~ #
chgrp smbgroup01 /home/share01

root@smb:~ #
chmod 770 /home/share01

root@smb:~ #
vi /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf
# create new

    unix charset = UTF-8
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    server string = FreeBSD
    # network range you allow to access
    interfaces =
    bind interfaces only = yes
    map to guest = bad user

# any Share name you like
    # require authentication
    security = user
    # specify shared directory
    path = /home/share01
    # allow writing
    writable = yes
    # not allow guest user (nobody)
    guest ok = no
    # allow only [smbgroup01] group
    valid users = @smbgroup01
    # set group for new files/directories to [smbgroup01]
    force group = smbgroup01
    # set permission [770] when file created
    force create mode = 770
    # set permission [770] when folder created
    force directory mode = 770
    # inherit permissions from parent folder
    inherit permissions = yes 

root@smb:~ #
sysrc samba_server_enable="YES"

root@smb:~ #
service samba_server start

Performing sanity check on Samba configuration: OK
Starting nmbd.
Starting smbd.
# add Samba user

root@smb:~ #
pw useradd freebsd

root@smb:~ #
passwd freebsd

root@smb:~ #
smbpasswd -a freebsd

New SMB password:    
# set passwords

Retype new SMB password:
Added user freebsd.
root@smb:~ #
pw groupmod smbgroup01 -m freebsd

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