FreeBSD 14
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Mail Server : Add Mail User Accounts2024/04/17

Add Mail User Accounts to use Mail Service.
This example is for the case you use OS user accounts.
Configure basic Postfix settings, and basic Dovecot settings first.
[1] To use OS user accounts, that's only adding OS user like follows.
# install mail client program

root@mail:~ #
pkg install -y s-nail
# set environment variables to use Maildir

root@mail:~ #
echo 'export MAIL=$HOME/Maildir' >> /etc/profile.d/
# add a user [freebsd]

root@mail:~ #
pw useradd freebsd -m

root@mail:~ #
passwd freebsd

[2] Login as a user added in [1] and try to send an email.
# send to myself [s-nail (username)@(hostname)]

freebsd@mail:~ $
s-nail freebsd@localhost

# input subject
Subject: Test Mail#1
# input messages
This is the first mail.

# to finish messages, push [Ctrl] + [D] key
(Preliminary) Envelope contains:
To: freebsd@localhost
Subject: Test Mail#1
Send this message [yes/no, empty: recompose]? yes

# see received emails

freebsd@mail:~ $

s-nail version v14.9.24.  Type `?' for help
/home/freebsd/Maildir: 1 message 1 new
>N  1 User Freebsd       2024-04-17 14:41   14/437   Test Mail#1

# input a number you'd like to see an email
? 1
[-- Message  1 -- 14 lines, 437 bytes --]:
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2024 14:41:40 +0900
To: freebsd@localhost
Subject: Test Mail#1
Message-Id: <>
From: User Freebsd <>

This is the first mail.

# to quit, input [q]
? q
Held 1 message in /home/freebsd/Maildir
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