FreeBSD 14
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Initial Settings : Vim Settings2023/12/15

Configure Vim that is more convenience than vi.
[1] Install Vim.
root@dlp:~ #
pkg install -y vim
[2] Configure Vim.
On the example below, Apply to a user.
You may want to select and apply each parameter according to your own preferences.
If you like to applly settings to all users as the system wide, add the settings in [/usr/local/etc/vim/vimrc].
* For [/usr/local/etc/vim] directory, create it manually.
freebsd@dlp:~ $
vi ~/.vimrc
" use extended feature of vim (no compatible with vi)
set nocompatible

" specify character encoding
set encoding=utf-8

" specify file encoding
" to specify multiple entries, write them with comma separated
set fileencodings=utf-8

" specify file formats
set fileformats=unix,dos

" take backup
" opposite is [ set nobackup ]
set backup

" specify backup directory
set backupdir=~/backup

" number of search histories
set history=50

" ignore case when searching
set ignorecase

" distinct Capital if you mix it in search words
set smartcase

" highlights matched words
" opposite is [ set nohlsearch ]
set hlsearch

" use incremental search
" opposite is [ set noincsearch ]
set incsearch

" show line number
" opposite is [ set nonumber ]
set number

" visualize break ( $ ) or tab ( ^I )
set list

" highlights parentheses
set showmatch

" not insert LF at the end of file
set binary noeol

" enable auto indent
" opposite is [ noautoindent ]
set autoindent

" show color display
" opposite is [ syntax off ]
syntax on

" change colors for comments if it's set [ syntax on ]
highlight Comment ctermfg=LightCyan

" wrap lines
" opposite is [ set nowrap ]
set wrap

" Set backspace key behavior
" indent : erase indent with backspace
" eol : erase end of line with backspace
" start : erase beyond the start of the insert with backspace
set backspace=indent,eol,start
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