FreeBSD 14
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Initial Settings : Add User Accounts2023/12/14

If you want to add new user accounts, configure like follows.
[1] For example, Add [freebsd] user.
root@localhost:~ #
pw useradd freebsd -m
# set password

root@localhost:~ #
passwd freebsd

Changing local password for freebsd
New Password:
Retype New Password:
[2] If you want common users to be able to switch to root account by using [su] command, add them to the [wheel] group.
# add [freebsd] user to [wheel] group

root@localhost:~ #
pw groupmod wheel -m freebsd
[3] If you want to remove user accounts, configure like follows.
# remove a user [freebsd] (only removed user account)

root@localhost:~ #
pw userdel freebsd
# remove a user [freebsd] (removed user account and his home directory)

root@localhost:~ #
pw userdel freebsd -r
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