FreeBSD 14
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Desktop Environment : Configure VNC Server2024/01/24


Install VNC Server to connect with GUI from remote client computer.

[1] Install VNC Server.
root@dlp:~ #
pkg install -y tigervnc-server
[2] Login as a user you'd like to set VNC.
# set VNC password

serverworld@dlp:~ $

Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)?
# start VNC server with KDE desktop, display number [1], screen resolution [800x600]

serverworld@dlp:~ $
vncserver -xstartup /usr/local/bin/startplasma-x11 -geometry 800x600 -localhost no :1

New ' (serverworld)' desktop is

Starting applications specified in /usr/local/bin/startplasma-x11
Log file is /home/serverworld/.vnc/

# to stop VNC session, run like follows

serverworld@dlp:~ $
vncserver -kill :1

Killing Xvnc process ID 1358
Install VNC Viewer on client computer to connect to VNC server.
This example is based on Windows 11 and UltraVNC.
Download UltraVNC from the site below.
After installing UltraVNC, click [UltraVNC Viewer] to run, then, following window is shown.
Input [(Server's hostname or IP address):(display number)] like following example and then click the [Connect] button.
[4] VNC password is required to input for authentication.
[5] If successfully passed authentication, VNC session starts like follows.
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