Fedora 40
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KVM : VNC Client : Fedora2024/05/09

Connect to a Virtual machine that is running with enabling VNC.
[1] On Fedora client with Desktop Environment,
Run [dnf install virt-viewer] to install Virt Viewer and start [Remote Viewer] like follows.
[2] Input [vnc://(server's hostname or IP address):(port)] and click [Connect] button.
[3] Input password you set and Click [OK] button.
[4] After successful authentication, it's possible to connect like follows.
VNC Client : Windows
It's possible to connect to VMs with VNC from Windows clients.
Install any VNC Viewer on Windows client.
This example is based on UltraVNC viewer.
⇒ http://www.uvnc.com/downloads/ultravnc.html
After installing application, Input [(server's hostname or IP address):(port you set)] like follows and connect.
[6] VNC password is required to input for authentication.
[7] If successfully passed authentication, it's possible to connect to VM with VNC like follows.
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