Fedora 35
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Initial Settings : Update System2021/11/04

After Fedora Server has been a production System, maybe it's difficult to update System, but at least after Installing, Update Fedora Server to the latest.
[1] Update System like follows.
[root@dlp ~]#
dnf -y upgrade

Dependencies resolved.
 Package                       Arch    Version                   Repo      Size
 kernel                        x86_64  5.14.14-300.fc35          updates   65 k
 NetworkManager                x86_64  1:1.32.12-2.fc35          updates  2.3 M
 NetworkManager-bluetooth      x86_64  1:1.32.12-2.fc35          updates   52 k
 NetworkManager-libnm          x86_64  1:1.32.12-2.fc35          updates  1.7 M
 NetworkManager-team           x86_64  1:1.32.12-2.fc35          updates   30 k
 NetworkManager-wifi           x86_64  1:1.32.12-2.fc35          updates  116 k
 NetworkManager-wwan           x86_64  1:1.32.12-2.fc35          updates   58 k
 alsa-sof-firmware             noarch  1.9-1.fc35                updates  580 k
 bc                            x86_64  1.07.1-14.fc35            updates  118 k
 bluez                         x86_64  5.62-1.fc35               updates  973 k
 bluez-libs                    x86_64  5.62-1.fc35               updates   84 k
 btrfs-progs                   x86_64  5.14.2-1.fc35             updates  962 k
 checkpolicy                   x86_64  3.3-1.fc35                updates  338 k
 cockpit                       x86_64  256-1.fc35                updates   44 k
 cockpit-bridge                x86_64  256-1.fc35                updates  490 k
 cockpit-networkmanager        noarch  256-1.fc35                updates  523 k
 cockpit-packagekit            noarch  256-1.fc35                updates  572 k
 cockpit-selinux               noarch  256-1.fc35                updates  226 k
 cockpit-storaged              noarch  256-1.fc35                updates  584 k
 cockpit-system                noarch  256-1.fc35                updates  2.4 M
 cockpit-ws                    x86_64  256-1.fc35                updates  1.3 M
 curl                          x86_64  7.79.1-1.fc35             updates  310 k
 dnf-plugins-core              noarch  4.0.24-1.fc35             updates   35 k
 dnsmasq                       x86_64  2.86-3.fc35               updates  333 k
 dracut                        x86_64  055-6.fc35                updates  347 k
 dracut-config-rescue          x86_64  055-6.fc35                updates   12 k
 dracut-network                x86_64  055-6.fc35                updates   61 k
 dracut-squash                 x86_64  055-6.fc35                updates   12 k
 fedora-logos                  noarch  35.0.0-2.fc35             updates  1.3 M
 gdb-headless                  x86_64  11.1-2.fc35               updates  4.3 M
 gdbm-libs                     x86_64  1:1.22-1.fc35             updates   58 k
 gnupg2                        x86_64  2.3.3-1.fc35              updates  2.5 M
 hwdata                        noarch  0.352-1.fc35              updates  1.5 M
 iwl100-firmware               noarch        updates  134 k



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