Fedora 33
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OpenSSH : Use SSH-Agent
Use SSH-Agent to automate inputting Passphrase of SSH Key-Pair authentication.
[1] This is some example to use SSH-Agent.
# run SSH-Agent

[fedora@node01 ~]$
eval $(ssh-agent)

Agent pid 1497
# add passphrase

[fedora@node01 ~]$

Enter passphrase for /home/fedora/.ssh/id_rsa: Identity added: /home/fedora/.ssh/id_rsa (fedora@dlp.srv.world)
# confirm

[fedora@node01 ~]$
ssh-add -l

3072 SHA256:MpXChB1R+0ORhMVw3T2dzS13O7zhsbfNNhpHfa+xXIs fedora@dlp.srv.world (RSA)
# verify to conenct wuthout inputting passphrase

[fedora@node01 ~]$
ssh dlp.srv.world hostname

# stop SSH-Agent

# if not execute it, SSH-Agent process remains even if you logout System, be careful

[fedora@node01 ~]$
eval $(ssh-agent -k)

Agent pid 1497 killed
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