Fedora 32
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Initial Settings : Update System2020/04/29

After Fedora Server has been a production System, maybe it's difficult to update System, but at least after Installing, Update Fedora Server to the latest.
[1] Update System like follows.
[root@dlp ~]#
dnf -y upgrade

Fedora 32 openh264 (From Cisco) - x86_64        1.6 kB/s | 5.1 kB     00:03
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                       Arch    Version                   Repo      Size
 bind-libs                     x86_64  32:9.11.18-1.fc32         updates   92 k
 bind-libs-lite                x86_64  32:9.11.18-1.fc32         updates  1.1 M
 bind-license                  noarch  32:9.11.18-1.fc32         updates   19 k
 bind-utils                    x86_64  32:9.11.18-1.fc32         updates  234 k
 cockpit                       x86_64  217-1.fc32                updates   42 k
 cockpit-bridge                x86_64  217-1.fc32                updates  602 k
 cockpit-networkmanager        noarch  217-1.fc32                updates  388 k
 cockpit-packagekit            noarch  217-1.fc32                updates  404 k
 cockpit-selinux               noarch  217-1.fc32                updates  229 k
 cockpit-storaged              noarch  217-1.fc32                updates  577 k
 cockpit-system                noarch  217-1.fc32                updates  1.8 M
 cockpit-ws                    x86_64  217-1.fc32                updates  1.3 M
 coreutils                     x86_64  8.32-4.fc32.1             updates  1.2 M
  clevis-12-2.fc32.x86_64               clevis-luks-12-2.fc32.x86_64
  cockpit-dashboard-217-1.fc32.noarch   freetype-2.10.1-2.fc32.x86_64
  grub2-tools-efi-1:2.04-14.fc32.x86_64 grub2-tools-extra-1:2.04-14.fc32.x86_64
  jose-10-6.fc32.x86_64                 libblockdev-lvm-2.23-2.fc32.x86_64
  libjose-10-6.fc32.x86_64              libluksmeta-9-7.fc32.x86_64
  luksmeta-9-7.fc32.x86_64              mkpasswd-5.5.6-1.fc32.x86_64
  reportd-0.7.3-2.fc32.x86_64           sscg-2.6.1-2.fc32.x86_64
  tpm2-tools-4.1-2.fc32.x86_64          tpm2-tss-2.4.0-1.fc32.x86_64
  udisks2-lvm2-2.8.4-4.fc32.x86_64      whois-nls-5.5.6-1.fc32.noarch

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