Fedora 20
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Install Fedora 20
[1] Insert the Fedora install disk and start Computer. Then, Following screen is displayed, Push Enter key to proceed.
[2] Select the language you'd like to use during the installation.
[3] This is the default screen for some basic configuration. First, set timezone, click DATE&TIME icon.
[4] Click a point on the map you'd like to set your timezone and push "Done" button which is on the upper left.
[5] Return to the default screen of [3], next set keyboard settings. Click KEYBOARD icon to go the screen like below and click "+" button on under-left.
[6] Select your keyboard type and click "Add" button.
[7] After adding keyboard layout, send up your keyboard on the top for 1st priority like follows and click "Done" button which is upper left to finish.
[8] Back to the default screen of [3]. Set softwares to install. Click SOFTWARE SELECTION icon and select "Minimal Install" like follows and click "Done" button to finish. It's unnecessarry to install many packages at first.
[9] Back to the default screen of [3]. Click "INSTALLATION DESTINATION" and select installation disk. Click the disk icon you'd like to install Fedora and next, click "Done" button on upper left to proceed.
[10] On this example, select "Automatically configure ***" and proceed to next. But if you'd like to edit the partition layouts manually, select "I want to review ***" and proceed to next.
[11] If it's OK all, click "Begin Installation" and proceed to next.
[12] Installation starts and required to set root password and to create a common user. Click the each icon and move to configuration.
[13] On the root password settings, input any password you like and click "Done" button to finish as follows.
[14] On the common user settings, input any user name and password you like and click "Done" button to finish as follows.
[15] Click "Finish Configuration" in the lower right.
[16] After finishing installation, click "Reboot" button.
[17] After rebooting, login prompt is shown like follows. login with root user and password you set during installation. Installing Fedora 20 completes if you can login normally.
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