Fedora 18
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Install Virt-top2013/01/22

Install Virt-top and enable to watch the status of Virtual machines on the console.
[1] Install Virt-top
[root@dlp ~]#
yum -y install virt-top
[2] Operarion
# watch the status with the following command ( push "q" key to quit )

[root@dlp ~]#
# show CPU status to push "1" key

# show network status to push "2" key

# others

[root@dlp ~]#
virt-top --help

virt-top: unknown option `--help]'.
virt-top : a 'top'-like utility for virtualization
    virt-top [-options]
Start by displaying pCPUs (default: tasks)

Start by displaying network interfaces

Start by displaying block devices

Batch mode

  -c uri
Connect to URI (default: Xen)

  --connect uri
Connect to URI (default: Xen)

  --csv file
Log statistics to CSV file

Disable CPU stats in CSV

Disable block device stats in CSV

Disable net stats in CSV

  -d delay
Delay time interval (seconds)

  --debug file
Send debug messages to file

  --end-time time
Exit at given time

  --hist-cpu secs
Historical CPU delay

  --init-file file
Set name of init file

Do not read init file

  -n iterations
Number of iterations to run

  -o sort
Set sort order (cpu|mem|time|id|name)

Secure ("kiosk") mode

Run from a script (no user interface)

Display this list of options

Display this list of options

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