Fedora 17
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Install SWAT2012/06/13

Install SWAT to configure Samba from Web browser.
[1] Install xinetd and SWAT
[root@lan ~]#
yum -y install xinetd samba-swat
[root@lan ~]#
vi /etc/xinetd.d/swat
# line 10: add IP address you permit

only_from =
# line 14: change

disable =
[root@lan ~]#
systemctl start xinetd.service

[root@lan ~]#
systemctl enable xinetd.service

[2] Access to [http://(server's hostname or IP address):901]. After accessing, user name and password is required to login. Input root's one in it and login, then following screen is shown and you can configure samba on web browser.
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