Fedora 15
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SPICE Client - Fedora 152011/05/27

Connect to virtual machine that is started with SPICE. This example uses Fedora 15 for SPICE client.
[1] Install SPICE client.
[root@www ~]#
yum -y install spice-client spice-protocol

[2] Start X windows system and input command like follows to connect to virtual machine.
[root@www ~]# spicec -h -p 5930 -w password
# -h KVM Host machine's hostname or IP address
# -p destination Port
# -w SPICE password

[3] Just connected.
SPICE Client - Windows 7
SPICE client for Windows is also provided, so it's possible to connect from Windows. This example uses Windows 7 (x64) for SPICE client.
[4] Download SPICE client from the link below.
Download "spice-client-win32-0.6.3.zip" and "spice_libs_win32_063_and_earlier.zip". Next, unzip "spice-client-win32-0.6.3.zip" and there is a "spicec.exe" in it. Next, unzip "spice_libs_win32_063_and_earlier.zip" and there is a "lib" folder in it. Copy "spicec.exe" in "lib" folder and double click it, then following screen is shown, Input KVM host's hostname or IP address and port, SPICE password.
  Just connected.
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