Fedora 15
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Create Virtual Machine #32011/05/25

If you install Desktop Environment, it's possible to create a Virtula machine on GUI. This example shows to install Ubuntu 11.04 on GUI.
[1] Install virt-manager first.
[root@dlp ~]#
yum -y install virt-manager
[2] Start X Window System and run 'Virtual Machine Manager'.
[3] Click 'New' button and open a wizard to create a new Virtual Machine.
[4] Specify the name of virtula machine and installation source. This example selects local media.
[5] Select Installation media or ISO image, and specify OS type and version.
[6] Specify amount of memories and number of virtula CPUs.
[7] Specify amount of disks.
[8] Open 'Advanced options' and make sure the settings for networking or architecture are correct.
[9] Ubuntu 11.04 installation starts.
[10] Installation finished and Ubuntu 11.04 is running.
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