Fedora 14
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Configure Client2010/11/07

  Configure for your Mail Client on your PC. This example shows with Windows Live Mail.

[1] Start Windows Live Mail and select 'Tools' - 'Account'.
[2] Click 'Add' button on the right.
[3] Select 'Mail Account' and go next.
[4] Input email address, account's password, sender's name and check a box 'Configure Manually' and go next.
[5] Select IMAP or POP. This example selects IMAP. And input other information of your Mail server. Don't forget to check a box 'this server requires to authenticate' at the bottom.
[6] Click 'Finish'.
[7] Connect and get server's folder settings automatically.
[8] Complete. Make sure it's possible to send an email or not.
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