Fedora 14
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Update system2010/11/03

[1] Update your system with 'yum' command. However, before doing it, Install 'yum-plugin-fastestmirror' that looks for fast server and download packages from there automatically when yum command is used.
[root@dlp ~]#
yum -y install yum-plugin-fastestmirror

Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package yum-plugin-fastestmirror.noarch 0:1.1.28-1.fc14 set to be updated
--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Dependencies Resolved

Package Arch Version Repository Size
  yum-plugin-fastestmirror   noarch 1.1.28-1.fc14 updates 16 k

Transaction Summary
Install 1 Package(s)
Upgrade 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 16 k
Installed size: 35 k
Downloading Packages:
yum-plugin-fastestmirror-1.1.28-1.fc14.noarch.rpm | 17 kB 00:00
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
   Installing : yum-plugin-fastestmirror-1.1.28-1.fc14.noarch 1/1

   yum-plugin-fastestmirror.noarch 0:1.1.28-1.fc14

[root@dlp ~]#
yum -y update
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