Fedora 14
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Add a User
  Add a common user in order to make him to be able to run instance.

[1] Access to 'https://(your frontend server):8443/' and move 'Users' tab and click 'Add user'.
[2] Input some informations for a user. Then check a box "Skip email comfirmation". If you don't check it, the account will not be active untill the user confirms on an email.
[3] Logout and Login again with a user.
[4] Get certificates. Click "Download Certificate" and save it on your local. If you got it on your client PC, Upload it with FTP or SFTP and so on.
[5] Login with a user and Install certificates on your frontend.
[fedora@frontend ~]$
mkdir -p ~/.euca/certs

[fedora@frontend ~]$
chmod -R 700 ~/.euca/certs

[fedora@frontend ~]$
mv euca2-fedora-x509.zip ~/.euca/certs

[fedora@frontend ~]$
cd ~/.euca/certs

[fedora@frontend certs]$
unzip euca2-fedora-x509.zip

Archive: euca2-fedora-x509.zip
To setup the environment run: source /path/to/eucarc
  inflating: eucarc
  inflating: cloud-cert.pem
  inflating: euca2-fedora-473badff-pk.pem
  inflating: euca2-fedora-473badff-cert.pem
[fedora@frontend certs]$
rm euca2-fedora-x509.zip

[fedora@frontend certs]$
chmod 600 *

[fedora@frontend certs]$
source eucarc

[fedora@frontend certs]$
echo "source ~/.euca/certs/eucarc" >> ~/.bashrc

[fedora@frontend certs]$
[fedora@frontend ~]$
euca-add-keypair my_key > ~/.euca/my_key

[fedora@frontend ~]$
chmod 600 ~/.euca/my_key
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