Fedora 12
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Install Fedora 122010/05/24

[1] Insert a Disc in DVD drive and reboot computer. First, Following screen is shown, then push Enter key.
[2] Following screen is shown, DVD is Checked in this section. It's so long, so Skip it.
[3] Click 'Next' button.
[4] Select the language that you want to use during the installation.
[5] Select keyboard type you using.
[6] Following window is shown. If all HDs on the computer don't have important datas for you, it's no ploblem. Click 'Re-initialize Drive' and proceed to next. If there are some datas that are important for you, Saving them to another HDs or CDs/DVDs first.
[7] Input the Hostname of your computer you like.
[8] Set your timezone and go next.
[9] Set root password and go next.
[10] Configure partition layouts. Check a box "Review and modify partitioning layout" and go Next.
[11] Here is changing partition layouts section. Click "Edit" button.
[12] Click 'Add' button to create logical volumes. Input mount point, file system, name, amount of disks for it like follows.
  The example is follows the author did.
[13] Click "Format" if it's OK all.
[14] Click "Write Changes to Disk" if it's OK all.
[15] Click 'Next' with keeping default, it's no ploblem. But if you set some parameters for bootloader, Do it.
[16] This is the section you select softwares you would like to install. It's not recommended to install many softwares first. Check a box 'Customize now' and go Next.
[17] Uncheck boxes all first. Next, check a box 'Development Tools' like following screen. This Tools, especially gcc which is included in this, are often needed, so it's better to install now, I think.
[18] Check a box 'Base' and go Next.
[19] Wait for a moment. Installing is just being done.
[20] Installation has finished. Click 'Reboot' button.
[21] The login prompt is shown after rebooting. Login with root user and password that you set during installation.
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