VMware ESXi 8
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Nested Virtualization2024/01/18

Enable Nested Virtualization for Virtual Machines.
[1] To enable on shell access, configure like follows.
vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

Vmid          Name                                   File                                     Guest OS            Version   Annotation
1      Debian_12             [VM-Data] Debian_12/Debian_12.vmx                       debian12_64Guest             vmx-21        
2      Windows Server 2022   [VM-Data] Windows Server 2022/Windows Server 2022.vmx   windows2019srvNext_64Guest   vmx-21        

# for example, enable nested for a VM [Debian_12]

echo 'vhv.enable = "TRUE"' >> /vmfs/volumes/VM-Data/Debian_12/Debian_12.vmx
vim-cmd vmsvc/reload 1

To enable on VMware Host Client, configure like follows.
[2] Open the setting window of a Virtual Machine you like to enable Nested Virtualization, and then check a box [Expose hardware ***] on [Hardware virtualization] section.
[3] That's OK, on a Virtual Machine Nested Virtualization is enabled, Hypervisor can run and it's possible to create nested Virtual Machine on Virtual Machine.
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