VMware ESXi 8
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NTP : Time Synchronization Settings2023/12/22

Time Synchronization is disabled by default but if you like to enable it, configure like follows.
For ESXi time settings,
it's impossible to change timezone setting on ESXi, timezone is set to UTC.
So time stamps of files or log recordes are stored with UTC time.
Therefore, you need to see time stamps on the system with remembering they are UTC time.
[1] Configure Time Synchronization Settings.
# current NTP status

esxcli system ntp get

   Enabled: false
   Loglevel: warning
   PID: 0
   Runtime Seconds: 0
   Service Providing Kernel Time:
   Time Service Enabled: false
   Time Synchronized: false

# set NTP servers and enable NTP client feature
# esxcli system ntp set --server=[ntp server1] --server=[ntp server2] .....

esxcli system ntp set --server= --server=ntp.nict.jp

esxcli system ntp set --enabled=yes
esxcli system ntp get

   Enabled: true
   Loglevel: warning
   PID: 526274
   Runtime Seconds: 5
   Servers:, ntp.nict.jp
   Service Providing Kernel Time: Network Time Protocol
   Time Service Enabled: true
   Time Synchronized: false

# show synchronization status

ntpq -p

     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
 dns.srv.world   2 u   29   64    1    0.291   +0.020   0.000
 ntp-b3.nict.go. .NICT.           1 u   28   64    1   21.562   -0.329   0.000

chkconfig ntpd

ntpd                    on
esxcli network firewall ruleset rule list | grep ntp

ntpClient                    Outbound   UDP       Dst               123       123
To change NTP settings on VMware Host Client, Configure like follows.
[2] Login to VMware Host Client with root user account and click [Manage] icon that is under [Navigator] menu.
[3] Click [Time & date].
[4] Click [Edit NTP Settings].
[5] Check a box [Use Network Time Protocol (enable NTP client)]. Next select [Start and stop with host] to enable auto-start setting and also input NTP servers you like to use.
[6] After saving settings, start [ntpd] service on [Services] section.
[7] Make sure the system time that is shown with UTC time.
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