VMware ESXi 8
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Access to ESXi Shell : Assign License Key2023/12/20

Assign License Key to your ESXi Host that you got when you downloaded ESXi installer.
If you do not assign license key, your ESXi Host will expire in 60 days.
[1] Login to VMware Host Client with root user account and click [Manage] icon that is under [Navigator] menu.
[2] Move to [Licensing] tab on the upper menu.
[3] Click [Actions] icon and select [Assign license].
[4] Input your License Key and click [Check license] button. If no ploblem, your ESXi Host is enabled.
[5] If you like to assign license key on shell access, execute like follows.
# vim-cmd vimsvc/license --set [License Key]

vim-cmd vimsvc/license --set xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx


[200] Command Complete.
Result: Success
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