VMware ESXi 8
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Initial Settings : Configure Networking2023/12/20

Configure Networking to assign static IP address.
[1] Login with root user account on ESXi console, next, select [Configure Management Network] and push [Enter] key.
[2] Configure IPv4, IPv6 networking. It shows IPv4 settings on here.
Select [IPv4 Configuration] and push [Enter] key.
[3] Input [IPv4 Address], [Subnet Mask], [Default Gateway] and push [Enter] key.
[4] Configure DNS, too. Select [DNS Configuration] and push [Enter] key.
[5] Input [Primary DNS Server], [Alternate DNS Server] (Optional), [Hostname] and push [Enter] key.
[6] Configure DNS Suffix, too. Select [Custom DNS Suffix] and push [Enter] key.
[7] Input DNS Suffixes and push [Enter] key.
[8] If that's OK, push [Esc] key to exit configuration window.
[9] Push [Y] (Yes) key to apply changes to restart networking.
[10] That's OK if changes has beed applied on ESXi console windows.
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