VMware ESXi 7
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Upload ISO Images2023/03/08

Upload ISO Images to ESXi Host for installing GuestOS when creating Virtual Machine.
[1] If SSH is running, it's possible to upload with SFTP/SCP from client computer.
[root@localhost home]#

total 5420736
drwx------. 2 cent cent         62 Sep 19 11:09 cent
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 5550831616 Mar  8 11:22 Win2022_EN-US_20348.169.210806-2348.fe.iso

[root@localhost home]#
sftp root@

(root@ Password:
Connected to
sftp> cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/ISO
sftp> put Win2022_EN-US_20348.169.210806-2348.fe.iso
Uploading Win2022_EN-US_20348.169.210806-2348.fe.iso to /vmfs/volumes/6407d30d-b4ed50d8-a741-7085c203e4ef/ISO/Win2022_EN-US_20348.169.210806-2348.fe.iso
Win2022_EN-US_20348.169.210806-2348.fe.iso    100% 5294MB  64.3MB/s   01:22

sftp> ls

sftp> exit
To upload on VMware Host Client, set like follows.
[2] Login to VMware Host Client with root user account and click [Storage] icon that is under [Navigator] menu.
[3] Click the target Datastore you like to upload ISO image.
[4] Click [Datastore browser] button.
[5] Select a directory you like to upload ISO image and click [Upload] button, and next select a file on your local computer to upload. For target directory, it's possible to create new one to click [Create directory] button.
[6] After successfully uploaded, they are listed on Datastore browser.
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