Debian 8 Jessie
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Fully accessed Shared Directory2015/05/13

Install Samba to configure File Server.
For Exmaple, Create a shared directory which everyone can read and write, and authentication is not needed.
[1] Install Samba.
aptitude -y install samba

[2] Configure Samba.
mkdir /home/share

chmod 777 /home/share

vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
# near line 25: add

unix charset = UTF-8
# line 30: change (Windows' default)

workgroup =
# line 48: uncomment and change IP address you allow

interfaces =
# line 55: uncomment

bind interfaces only = yes
# line 60: add (no auth)

map to guest = Bad User
# add to the end

# any name you like

   path = /home/share
# shared directory

   writable = yes
# writable

   guest ok = yes
# guest OK

   guest only = yes
# guest only

   create mode = 0777
# fully accessed

   directory mode = 0777
# fully accessed

   share modes = yes
# warn if some people access to a fil
systemctl restart smbd

[3] It's the way to access to the shared directory from Windows clients. This example is on Windows 8.1.
Open Exproler and Select [My Computer] - [Map Network Drive].
[4] Specify the shared folder's place in Folder section like example and Click 'Finish' button to enter.
[5] Just accessed to the shared folder.
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