Debian 6.0
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Install Debian GNU/Linux 6.02011/03/05

[1] Insert a disk for installation of Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 and reboot your computer. The screen of selecting language. Choose it and go next.
[2] Select your language.
[3] Select your time-zone.
[4] Select the locale.
[5] Select your keyboard layout.
[6] Set your server's hostname you'd like to set.
[7] Set your network domain name.
[8] Set root password. If you will use root priviledge with sudo, Go next without inputing any one on here.
[9] Set a User Account. Input user's ful name on here.
[10] Set user name that is used on the system.
[11] Set user's password.
[12] Set partition layouts. This example shows to use entire disk and set LVM.
[13] Select a disk to configure partitions.
[14] Select partition layouts. This example shows to set only one partition (= /).
[15] Answer 'Yes' If it's OK all.
[16] Partitions you set are listed all. If it's OK all, Select 'Finish' and go next.
[17] Answer 'Yes' if it's OK to change the disk for new partiton layouts.
[18] If you'd like to use another CD/DVD media for installation, Answer 'Yes', or it's 'No' if not.
[19] Set mirror site. If you'd like to use it, Answer 'Yes'.
[20] Select a country that mirror site is placed you'd like to use.
[21] Select a mirror site.
[22] If you use proxy, set it. If not, go next without inputing any one.
[23] Participate in the package usage survey positively.
[24] Select Software group you'd like to install. Configure minimum settings at the first. Go next without checking any boxes.
[25] This is Grub settings section. Generally, answer 'Yes'.
[26] Instalattion just finished. Eject the disk and Continue, then the system will reboot automatically.
[27] Login prompt is shown as follows after booting the system. Login with a user you set during installation or root.
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