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OpenStack Zed : Overview2023/06/27

This is the basis of building Cloud Computing infrastructure by OpenStack Zed.
Learn the short description about OpenStack below before starting.
(1) Main Components of OpenStack
Service Code Name Description
Identity Service Keystone User Management
Compute Service Nova Virtual Machine Management
Image Service Glance Manages Virtual image like kernel image or disk image
Dashboard Horizon Provides GUI console via Web browser
Object Storage Swift Provides Object Storage feature
Block Storage Cinder Provides Block Storage feature
Network Service Neutron Virtual Networking Management
Load Balancing Service Octavia Provides Load Balancing feature
Orchestration Service Heat Provides Orchestration feature for Virtual Machines
Metering Service Ceilometer Provides the feature of Usage measurement for accounting
Rating Service CloudKitty Provides billing and pricing feature
Database Service Trove Database resource Management
Container Service Magnum Container Infrastructure Management
Data Processing Service Sahara Provides Data Processing feature
Bare Metal Provisioning Ironic Provides Bare Metal Provisioning feature
Shared File System Manila Provides File Sharing Service
DNS Service Designate Provides DNS Server Service
Key Manager Service Barbican Provides Key Management Service

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