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MicroK8s : Enable Registry2023/06/22

To enable MicroK8s built-in Registry, Configure like follows.
[1] Enable built-in Registry on primary Node.
After enabling, [kube-proxy] listens on [].
# enable registry with backend storage size 30G
# default size is 20G if it's not specified
# possible to specify the size on MicroK8s 1.18.3 or later

microk8s enable registry:size=30Gi

Infer repository core for addon registry
Infer repository core for addon hostpath-storage
Enabling default storage class.
WARNING: Hostpath storage is not suitable for production environments.
         A hostpath volume can grow beyond the size limit set in the volume claim manifest.

deployment.apps/hostpath-provisioner created created
serviceaccount/microk8s-hostpath created created created
Storage will be available soon.
WARNING: This style of specifying size is deprecated. Use newer --size argument instead.
The registry will be created with the size of 30Gi.
Default storage class will be used.
namespace/container-registry created
persistentvolumeclaim/registry-claim created
deployment.apps/registry created
service/registry created
configmap/local-registry-hosting configured

# [registry] pod starts

microk8s kubectl get pods -n container-registry

NAME                       READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
registry-9865b655c-48vqk   1/1     Running   0          31s
[2] After enabling Registry, it's possible to use it with common operation.
podman images

REPOSITORY                TAG         IMAGE ID      CREATED     SIZE  latest      49081a1edb0b  9 days ago  121 MB

# tag and push

podman tag 49081a1edb0b localhost:32000/debian:registry

podman push localhost:32000/debian:registry --tls-verify=false

Getting image source signatures
Copying blob 332b199f36eb done
Copying config 49081a1edb done
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures

podman images

REPOSITORY                TAG         IMAGE ID      CREATED     SIZE  latest      49081a1edb0b  9 days ago  121 MB
localhost:32000/debian    registry    49081a1edb0b  9 days ago  121 MB
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