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Git : Install TortoiseGit2023/07/25

It's possible to access to Git repositories from Windows Clients, too.
For example, Install TortoiseGit on Windows 11.
Download TortoiseGit from the site below.
During Installation, you need to select some settings. (proceed to keep default all on this example)
After installing TortoiseGit, it's possible to operate on file explorer.
For example, after updating a file on local working repository, Execute Add ⇒ Commit ⇒ Push like follows.
Right-Click the target file and select [TortoiseGit] - [Add].
[3] It's possible to run Commit at once but Click [OK] on here.
[4] After running [Add], right-click the target file and select [Git Commit].
[5] Input messages of this Commit and click [Commit] button.
[6] It's possible to run Push at once but Click [OK] on here.
[7] To right-click the project folder, then [Push] is shown.
[8] To select the target branch of [Push] and click [OK].
[9] After finishing [Push], [Success] is shown.
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