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Ansible : AWX : Add Inventories2023/08/01


This is the basic configuration for Ansible AWX to run Ansible Playbooks.

To run Playbooks on target Hosts on AWX, it needs to configure the following settings.

* Add inventories
* Add credentials
* Add projects
* Add job templates

To add inventories, configure like follows.
In addition to add inventories, add Groups and Hosts, too.

[1] Login to Ansible AWX Web and click [Inventories] on the left pane.
[2] Click [Add] - [Add inventory] on the right pane.
[3] Input basic information for inventory and click [Save] button to save.
Required items are [Name] and [Organization].
For [Name], set any name you like,
For [Organization], set it for your needs. (if you don't have specific requirements, it's OK with Default)
[4] After Saving inventory, next, add related Group, Click [Groups] tab.
[5] Click [Add] button.
[6] Input basic information for group and click [Save] button to save.
Required item is [Name] only.
Set any name you like for [Name].
[7] After Saving group, next, add related Host, Click [Hosts] tab.
[8] Click [Add] - [Add new host].
[9] Input basic information for host and click [Save] button to save.
For [Name], set any name you like,
For [Description], this is not the required item to input but if you need, set it.
For [Variables], input like follows like [ansible_host : 'target server's hostname or IP address'].
[10] After Saving host, that's OK to add inventory, group, host.
To add more hosts, operate [8]-[9] section again and again.
[11] After setting, That's OK if new inventory is displayed on [Inventories] list.
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