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PostgreSQL 13 : Install phpPgAdmin2021/09/13

Install phpPgAdmin to operate PostgreSQL on web browser from Client computers.
[3] Install phpPgAdmin.
apt -y install phppgadmin php-pgsql
vi /etc/phppgadmin/
# line 105 : change to [false] if you allow to login with priviledged user like postgres, root

$conf['extra_login_security'] = true;
# line 111 : change to [true] if you set config that database owners can look only their own databases

$conf['owned_only'] = false;
vi /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/phppgadmin.conf
# line 12 : set access permission for phpPgAdmin

Require local
Require ip
systemctl restart apache2

[4] Access to [http://(server's hostname or IP address)/phppgadmin/] with web browser from any Clients which are in the Network you set to allow. Then phpPgAdmin site is shown, Click [PostgreSQL] link on the left pane.
[5] Autenticate as a user and password which is in PostgreSQL.
[6] After successing authentication, phpPgAdmin admin site is shown. It's possible to operate PostgreSQL databases on here.
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