Debian 11 Bullseye
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KVM : Nested KVM2021/08/27

Configure Nested KVM. It's possible to install KVM Hypervisor and Create virtual machines as nested KVM on KVM host.
[1] Enable Nested KVM setting.
# confirm current setting ( if result is [Y], that's OK )

cat /sys/module/kvm_intel/parameters/nested

# if result is [N], change settings like follows

# for Intel CPU, select [kvm_intel], for AMD CPU, select [kvm_amd]

echo 'options kvm_intel nested=1' >> /etc/modprobe.d/qemu-system-x86.conf
[2] Edit the configuration of a virtual machine you'd like to set nested like follows.
It's OK to configure nested KVM and you can create virtual machines on the virtual machine nested.
Refer to the details of CPU mode ⇒
# edit the settings of a VM

virsh edit debian11
# change cpu mode like follows

# if not go well, specify [host-passthrough]

<cpu mode='
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