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VirtualBox : Create Virtual Machine (GUI)2022/12/09

If you installed Desktop Environment, it's possible to create Virtual Machines on GUI.
This example shows to install Windows Server 2022 on GUI.
[1] Run [Applications] - [Oracle VM VirtulBox].
[2] Click [New] button on upper menu.
[3] Specify any name of Virtual Machine, and also specify installation image.
For [Skip Unattended Installation], select On/Off for your needs. If checking a box on it, it needs to install OS mannually.
[4] Specify CPU cores and amount of memory for Virtual Machine.
[5] Specify amount of Virtual hard disk.
[6] Confirm settings and click [Finish] button if that's OK.
[7] To start Virtual Machine, click [Start] button on upper menu.
[8] After starting Virtual Machine, you can install OS as usual.
If you did not select [Skip Unattended Installation] on [3], installation proceeds automatically with general configuration.
[9] Installation has finished and Virtual Machine is running.
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