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GitLab : Install2023/12/06

Install GitLab (Community Edition) which is the project management system like GitHub.
[3] Install GitLab Community Edition.
It's easy to setup with [gitlab-ctl] command by using Chef Cook Book, SELinux policy is also configured.
[root@dlp ~]#
dnf -y install ca-certificates tzdata perl
[root@dlp ~]#
curl -O https://packages.gitlab.com/install/repositories/gitlab/gitlab-ce/script.rpm.sh

[root@dlp ~]#
sh ./script.rpm.sh
[root@dlp ~]#
dnf -y install gitlab-ce

Dependencies resolved.
 Package        Arch        Version                 Repository             Size
 gitlab-ce      x86_64      16.6.1-ce.0.el9         gitlab_gitlab-ce      1.2 G

Transaction Summary
Install  1 Package

[root@dlp ~]#
gitlab-ctl reconfigure


Default admin account has been configured with following details:
Username: root
Password: You didn't opt-in to print initial root password to STDOUT.
Password stored to /etc/gitlab/initial_root_password. This file will be cleaned up in first reconfigure run after 24 hours.

NOTE: Because these credentials might be present in your log files in plain text, it is highly recommended to reset the password following https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/security/reset_user_password.html#reset-your-root-password.

gitlab Reconfigured!

# confirm initial password

[root@dlp ~]#
cat /etc/gitlab/initial_root_password

# WARNING: This value is valid only in the following conditions
#          1. If provided manually (either via `GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD` environment variable or via `gitlab_rails['initial_root_password']` setting in `gitlab.rb`, it was provided before database was seeded for the first time (usually, the first reconfigure run).
#          2. Password hasn't been changed manually, either via UI or via command line.
#          If the password shown here doesn't work, you must reset the admin password following https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/security/reset_user_password.html#reset-your-root-password.

Password: Vl0Q08Vxv.....

# NOTE: This file will be automatically deleted in the first reconfigure run after 24 hours.

# if Firewalld is running, allow HTTP service

[root@dlp ~]#
firewall-cmd --add-service={http,https}

[root@dlp ~]#
firewall-cmd --runtime-to-permanent

[4] Access to the URL [http://(your server hostname or IP address)/] from any client computer.
It's possible to login with user [root] and password is the one you confirmed above.
[5] This is GitLab index page.
[6] [root] user password will be expired 24 hours later, so change it first.
Click [Edit Profile].
[7] Click [Password] on the left pane.
[8] You can change password on here. That's OK to install GitLab.
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