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Git : Install TortoiseGit2022/07/21

It's possible to access to Git repositories from Windows Clients, too.
For example, Install TortoiseGit on Windows 11.
Download TortoiseGit from the site below.
⇒ https://tortoisegit.org/
During Installation, you need to select some settings. (proceed to keep default all on this example)
After installing TortoiseGit, it's possible to operate on file explorer.
For example, after updating a file on local working repository, Execute Add ⇒ Commit ⇒ Push like follows.
Right-Click the target file and select [TortoiseGit] - [Add].
[3] Click [OK] on here.
[4] It's possible to run Commit at once but Click [OK] on here.
[5] After running [Add], right-click the target file and select [Git Commit].
[6] Input messages of this Commit and click [Commit] button.
[7] It's possible to run Push at once but Click [OK] on here.
[8] To right-click the project folder, then [Push] is shown.
[9] To select the target branch of [Push] and click [OK].
[10] After finishing [Push], [Success] is shown.
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