CentOS Stream 8
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Reset root Password2021/02/23

If you forgot root Password, it's possible to reset it like follows.
(This is only for the case GRUB boot loader Password is not set)
[1] Restart System and when GRUB2 boot menu is displayed, Push [e] key.
Next, Proceed like follows to reset root password.
      # push [e] key
      CentOS Stream (4.18.0-240.el8.x86_64) 8
      CentOS Stream (0-rescue-54f4bd7df8464337a3009215fdef55fb) 8

      Use the ^ and v keys to change the selection.
      Press 'e' to edit the selected item, or 'c' for a command prompt.

     # add [rw init=/bin/bash] to the end of [linux] line

     set gfx_payload=keep
     insmod gzio
     linux ($root)/vmlinuz-4.18.0-240.el8.x86_64 root=/dev/mapper/cs-root ro crashk\
     ernel=auto resume=/dev/mapper/cs-swap rd.lvm.lv=cs/root rd.lvm.lv=cs/swap cons\
     ole=ttyS0,115200n8 rw init=/bin/bash
     initrd  ($root)/initramfs-4.18.0-240.el8.x86_64.img $tuned_initrd

      Press Ctrl-x to start, Ctrl-c for a command prompt or Escape to
      discard edits and return to the menu. Pressing Tab lists
      possible completions.

      # after inputting above, push [Ctrl-x] key to proceed
[  OK  ] Stopped dracut pre-udev hook.
[  OK  ] Stopped dracut cmdline hook.
[  OK  ] Closed udev Control Socket.
[  OK  ] Closed udev Kernel Socket.
         Starting Cleanup udevd DB...
[  OK  ] Stopped Hardware RNG Entropy Gatherer Daemon.
[  OK  ] Started Plymouth switch root service.
[    5.747712] systemd-journald[303]: Received SIGTERM from PID 1 (systemd).
[    5.765776] printk: bash: 18 output lines suppressed due to ratelimiting

# after initramfs switch_root prompt is displayed, do like follows

# set SELinux relabeling on next boot if you enabling SELinux

touch /.autorelabel
# set password


Changing password for user root.
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
# restart System and complete to reset

exec /sbin/init
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