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Prometheus : Visualize on Grafana2021/06/03

Web UI is included in Prometheus but it's also possible to visualize time series data on Grafana.
Install Grafana, refer to here.
It's OK to install it on any Node. (install it on Prometheus server Node on this example)
[2] Install [grafana-prometheus] on Grafana installed Node.
(generally it has been installed yet by dependency with Grafana)
[root@dlp ~]#
dnf -y install grafana-prometheus
[3] Access to Grafana Dashboard and Open [Configuration] - [Data Sources] on the left menu.
[4] Click [Add data source].
[5] Click [Prometheus].
[6] Input Prometheus Server endpoint URL on [URL] field and Click [Save & Test] button which is bottom of the page.
[7] The message [Data source is working] is shown if that's OK.
[8] Next, Open [Create] - [Dashboard] on the left menu.
[9] Click [Add an empty panel].
[10] Select a query you'd like to visualize data on [Metrics] field.
[11] After selecting a query, visualized graph is shown. To save [Dashboard], Click [Save] button.
[12] Set any Dashboard name and Click [Save] button.
[13] To add more queries, it's possible to put more Graphs on a Dashboard.
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