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OKD 4 : Access to Web Console
Access to Web Console of OKD 4 Cluster.
This example is based on the environment like follows.
              |       |
+-------------+-------------+  |
|   [mgr.okd4.srv.world]    |  |
|        Manager Node       |  |
|           DNS             |  |
|          Nginx            |  |
+---------------------------+  |
              |                         |
+-------------+-------------+     +--------------+-------------+
| [master-0.okd4.srv.world] |     |   [node-0.okd4.srv.world]  |
|      Control Plane        |     |        Compute Node        |
|                           |     |                            |
|                           |     |                            |
+---------------------------+     +----------------------------+

[1] Make sure the access URL and authentication info on Manager Node.
On this example, access URL is [https://console-openshift-console.apps.okd4.srv.world].
[root@mgr ~]#
oc get routes -A

NAMESPACE                  NAME                HOST/PORT                                                    PATH   SERVICES            PORT    TERMINATION            WILDCARD
openshift-authentication   oauth-openshift     oauth-openshift.apps.okd4.srv.world                                 oauth-openshift     6443    passthrough/Redirect   None
openshift-console          console             console-openshift-console.apps.okd4.srv.world                       console             https   reencrypt/Redirect     None
openshift-console          downloads           downloads-openshift-console.apps.okd4.srv.world                     downloads           http    edge/Redirect          None
openshift-ingress-canary   canary              canary-openshift-ingress-canary.apps.okd4.srv.world                 ingress-canary      8080    edge/Redirect          None
openshift-monitoring       alertmanager-main   alertmanager-main-openshift-monitoring.apps.okd4.srv.world   /api   alertmanager-main   web     reencrypt/Redirect     None
openshift-monitoring       grafana             grafana-openshift-monitoring.apps.okd4.srv.world                    grafana             https   reencrypt/Redirect     None
openshift-monitoring       prometheus-k8s      prometheus-k8s-openshift-monitoring.apps.okd4.srv.world             prometheus-k8s      web     reencrypt/Redirect     None
openshift-monitoring       thanos-querier      thanos-querier-openshift-monitoring.apps.okd4.srv.world      /api   thanos-querier      web     reencrypt/Redirect     None
# [SERVICES] - [console] line is the target one

[root@mgr ~]#
cat okd4/auth/kubeadmin-password

If you installed Desktop environment on Manager Node, easily access to the target URL with web browser on the Node.
For other computers, add Manager Node to DNS client setting for name resolution,
otherwise, if computers can resolve names as the same with Manager Node without adding Manager Node to DNS client setting, they can access to the Web console URL.
For example on this tutorial, client computers need to resolve names [*.apps.okd4.srv.world] to [].
After accessing to the URL, login form is shown.
It's possible to login with user [kubeadmin], password is the one you confirmed on [1].
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