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NextCloud : Access via WebDAV2021/06/10

It's possible to access to NextCloud via WebDAV.
[1] Login to NextCloud Web with your own account and Click [Files] icon on upper menu and Open [Settings] on the left pane.
[2] Remember the URL which is shown under the [WebDAV] section on the left pane.
[3] Configure Client computer for WebDAV.
This is an example to use WebDAV client feature on Windows 10.
Refer to here of the WebDAV settings on Windows 10 ([4] and later).
On the [7] section on the link above, input Nextcloud WebDAV URL like follows and then authenticate with your own Nextcloud account.
[4] After finishing setup, Nextcloud is added on Network locations.
[5] It's possible to open or edit files on NextCloud on Windows file explorer.
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