CentOS 8
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Subversion : Windows Client2020/03/27

It's possible to access to SVN repositories from Windows clients.
For exmaple, install TortoiseSVN on Windows 10 and access to a repository on here.
⇒ http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html
[1] After installing TortoiseSVN, move to a working folder and right click it and select [SVN Checkout].
[2] Specify the URL of a repository and click [OK].
[3] If you set access control on the repository, authentication is required like follows, proceed with a valid user and password.
[4] After finishing Checkout, click [OK] button.
[5] Files on the repository are downloaded.
[6] When you update a file in working folder, right-click it and select [SVN Commit].
[7] Input any messages for logging and Click [OK] button, update file will be commited.
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