CentOS 8
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NextCloud : Access via Desktop Client
It's possible to use NextCloud System on your Desktop to install NextCloud Desktop Client.
Desktop Client Applications are provided for Windows, macOS X, Linux and this example is for Windows 10.
[1] Login to NextCloud Web with your own account and Open [Settings], next Click [Mobile & desktop] on the left pane and then Click [Desktop app] on the right pane.
[2] Download Desktop app to your computer. After downloading, Install it.
[3] After installing Desktop app, following window is displayed, Click [Log in] button.
[4] Input the URL of NextCloud and Click [Next] button.
[5] Click [Log in] and next, authenticate to NextCloud with your own NextCloud account.
[6] Click [Grant access] to access to NextCloud from your Desktop.
[7] That's OK if following message is displayed.
[8] Setup local folder options and Click [Connect] button.
[9] After finishing setup. you can use NextCloud on your Desktop. For example to use files, Open [Files] on the menu.
[10] It's possible to open or edit files on Windows file explorer.
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