CentOS 8
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KVM : VMWare ESXi on KVM2019/10/09

Install VMWare ESXi on KVM Virtual Machine.
[2] Install VMWare ESXi 7.0 as an example.
specify [sata] for [--disk] of [bus=***],
specify [e1000e] for [--network] of [model=***],
specify [kvm_hidden=on] for [--features].
[root@dlp ~]#
virt-install \
--name esxi70 \
--ram 16384 \
--disk path=/var/kvm/images/esxi70.img,size=80,bus=sata \
--cpu host-passthrough \
--vcpus=8 \
--os-variant=fedora-unknown \
--network bridge=br0,model=e1000e \
--graphics vnc,listen=,password=password \
--video qxl \
--cdrom /home/VMware-VMvisor-Installer-7.0b-16324942.x86_64.iso \
--features kvm_hidden=on \
--machine q35
[3] ESXi Installer starts.
[4] After finishing installation and ESXi starts normally, Configure initial settings like hostname or static IP address.
[5] To access to vSphere Client (Web admin console), run Web browser and go to [https://(your servers hostname or IP address)/].
[6] It's possible to manage virtula machines or other various settings on vSphere Client.
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