CentOS 8
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Cacti : Enable Threshold Plugin2020/03/23

Enable Threshold Plugin to set Thresholds.
[1] Download a plugin like follows. Make sure the latest one and get it on the site below.
⇒ https://docs.cacti.net/plugins
[root@dlp ~]#
wget https://github.com/Cacti/plugin_thold/archive/develop.zip

[root@dlp ~]#
unzip develop.zip

[root@dlp ~]#
mv plugin_thold-develop /usr/share/cacti/plugins/thold

[2] Login to the Cacti admin site and Click [Configuration] - [Plugins] on the left pane, then downloaded plugins are shown on the right pane. Click the icon which is displayed on [Action] Column to install the Plugin.
[3] After installing a plugin successfully, new icon (Enable/Disable) will be shown like follows. Click it to enable the plugin. (disabled by default)
[4] After installing and enabling a plugin, icons on [Action] Column are displayed like follows.
[5] Next, Click [Configuration] - [Settings] on the left pane, then [Alerting/Thold] tab will be displayed on the right pane.
[6] Move to [Alerting/Thold] tab and set basic settiongs. Input at least Sender name and Email address. That's OK, refer to the next page to set Threshold.
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