CentOS 7
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Zimbra : Setup2015/06/23

Initial Setup for Zimbra.
[1] Access to "https://(your server's hostname or IP address):7071/" from any computer with Web browser, then following login form is shown. Login with amin user and password which is set during installation.
[2] Click "Install Certificates".
[3] Select target server and go next.
[4] This example proceeds with self-signed certificates.
[5] Change fields if you need. This example proceeds with keeping default.
[6] Input effective days of certificates and click "install" button.
[7] Certificates are just installed.
[8] Back to the first screen and click "manage" - "account" on the left menu and then click the icon on the right pane and select "New".
[9] Input account name and so on and scroll down.
[10] Input password and set timezone and click "finish" button.
[11] New account is just added. Logout this admin console.
[12] Access to "https://(hostname or IP address)/" and login with a user and password you added.
[13] If you could login normally, try to send an email as test.
[14] Just sent normally.
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