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Sensu : Add Target Hosts (Windows)2017/11/08

Sensu Client program is provided not only for Linux, but for Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, IBM AIX.
On this example, Install Sensu Client and configure on Windows Host.
Download and install Sensu Client from Sensu official site.
⇒ https://sensuapp.org/downloads
[2] After installing, create a empty fire [config.json] under the [C:\opt\sensu] and also [conf.d] folder.
[3] Create files [client.json], [transport.json], [redis.json] under the [conf.d] folder.
[4] Configure files [client.json], [transport.json], [redis.json] like follows.
For [address] setting on [client.json], it is the own address, for [host] on [redis.json], it is Sensu server's address.
[5] Run command prompt with admin privilege and execute commands like follows.
C:> sc create sensu-client start=delayed-auto binPath="C:\opt\sensu\bin\sensu-client.exe" DisplayName="Sensu Client"
[6] [Sensu Client] service is just added, start it.
[7] Access to Uchiwa Dashboard and verify new target host checks are shown normally.
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